1 Each of Part No. 11091, 11092, 11093, 11094 Buffs.

Use with WIZARDS Metal Renew for fast, effective, power polishing on all types of metal surfaces. _” shank fits electric or air drills.

Part No. 11091, Mushroom Buff, 3″ (approx.) diameter.Soft, finish polishing.
Part No. 11092, Long Tapered Buff, 2″ diameter x 2″.General use cutting, use in tight and uneven areas.
Part No. 11093, Long Non-Tapered Buff, 1″ diameter x 1_”.General use cutting, oxidation and scratch removal.
Part No. 11094, Medium Felt Bob, _” diameter x 1_”.Cutting and oxidation removal in very small areas and tight.

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