DeBeer Refinish

DeBeer the company was founded in 1910 and has been manufacturing car refinish paints since 1951.

DeBeer deliver their brand to more than 100 Countries worldwide.

DeBeer offer a comprehensive range of compact complete and high-quality vehicle repair paints and coatings for almost any application. The Colour retrieval data base contains more than 80,000 international motor vehicle colours formulated from a wide range of steel and plastic OEM parts. Also offer a full range of Ancillary products, from cleaners to putties, primers to clear coats.

Should DeBeer not have the colour you are after, one of our qualified technicians can colour match, or even formulate the colour for you!

DeBeer Refinish product portfolio consists of high-quality colour mixing systems including:

  • Waterbase 900+ Series – Water-based system
  • Berobase 500 Series – Basecoat system
  • Beromix 2000 Series – 2K polyurethane system

More DeBeer Refinish product information coming soon. If you need more information now, chat to our team on 9729 7887.