Liquid Pearls offer a vibrant range of pearl effects that give you fast, accurate colour match in a convenient, easy to use dispenser bottle.

Liquid Pearls are designed to be easy to mix and stir into the binder to create consistent and precise pearlescent colours.

The pearls are compatible with all Valspar Refinish topcoat binder systems.

LP01 White – LP01 SDS

LP02 Blue – LP02 SDS

LP03 Russett – LP03 SDS

LP04 Green – LP04 SDS

LP06 Gold – LP06 SDS

LP08 Red – LP08 SDS

LP11 Copper – LP11 SDS

LP12 Lilac – LP12 SDS

LP14 White Satin – LP14 SDS

LP16 Blue Green –LP16 SDS

LP17 Fine Blue – LP17 SDS

LP19 Crystal Silver – LP19 SDS

LP20 Sunbeam Gold – LP20 SDS

LP21 Radiant Red – LP21 SDS

LP22 Stellar Green –LP22 SDS

LP23 Galaxy Blue – LP23 SDS


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LP01 White, LP02 Blue, LP03 Russett, LP04 Green, LP06 Gold, LP08 Red, LP11 Copper, LP12 Lilac, LP14 White Satin, LP16 Blue Green, LP17 Fine Blue, LP19 Crystal Silver, LP20 Sunbeam Gold, LP21 Radiant Red, LP22 Stellar Green, LP23 Galaxy Blue

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