UNIRAM solvent recyclers effectively reclaim used solvent by segregating the waste residue in a bag in the distillation tank.

The clean, distilled solvent can be used over and over with virtually no loss of cleaning power. Typical solvents are paint thinner, gun wash solvent, acetone and MEK. Unique hardened aluminium tank construction provides excellent heat transfer.

With a UNIRAM recycler unnecessary solvent purchases are eliminated; purchases drop by up to 90%. Waste disposal costs drop by up to 95% Profitability improves.

  • Tank Capacity: 20L
  • Speed: 4-6 hours
  • Solvent Transfer: Auto-transfer, In and Out
  • Powered by heavy-duty diaphragm pump, timer automatically transfers 5 gal (20L) of dirty solvent into the recycler tank and a timer transfers clean solvent from the recycler. Includes 5 gal (20L) pail and transfer hoses.
  • Air Pressure: 75-85 PSI, unit complete with pressure regulator and filter
  • Power Supply: 220/240V, 1500W, 6.5A
  • Heater: 1500W
  • Display: LEDs indicate power on, heat on and 6 temperature set points
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