Sikaflex® 529 AT

Sikaflex-529 AT is a sprayable 1-component PUR-Hybrid sealant based on the Sika Silane Termi­nated Polymer (STP) technology. Sikaflex-529 AT is used for seam sealing of factory-provided original structures (surface areas and beads) for vehicle body assemblies that cures on exposure to atmos­pheric humidity to form a durable elastomer.

Sikaflex-529 AT adheres well to all the materials commonly used in body shops e.g. metal primers and paint coatings, metals, painted plastics and plastics.

  • Advanced hybrid technology.
  • Good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates without primer.
  • Fast curing.
  • Excellent working properties with no overspray and advanced non-sag properties.
  • Reproduces factory provided original structures.
  • Sprayable, but also applicable as bead or with a paint brush.
  • Over-paintable with water based paint systems wet-on-wet and after skin formation.
  • Good acoustic and mechanical damping properties.
  • Ageing and weathering resistan.
  • Low odour.
  • Solvent and isocyanate-free and  Silicone and PVC-free.
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