Rubber & Whitewall Cleaner from Jay Leno’s Garage Australia is specifically formulated to quickly & easily eliminate stubborn browning, blooming & discoloration from whitewall, white letter, and even standard black wall tires.

  • Quickly & easy eliminate browning & discoloration.
  • Whiten even the dullest whites.
  • Effortlessly break down previous dressing applications.
  • Industrial-strength formula.
  • Safe for use on all wheel finishes.

Thoroughly cleaning & protecting your tires are the two best ways to cope with the inevitable browning. Rubber & Whitewall Cleaner from Jay Leno’s Garage is blended to eat away at the oxidized antiozonant, as well as old dressing applications, silicones or any other grease-like material that might be present on your tire or rubber surfaces. This leaves a fresh, clean surface for your next dressing application to adhere to and provide lasting protection.

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