RestoFinish Metal cleaner is a specially formulated blend of active solvents designed to lift and remove contaminants and residues commonly found in automotive restorations. These include wax, grease, oils and silicones.

RestoFinish Metal Cleaner is an essential part of the “RestoFinish Process” and the perfect cleaner for mild steel and non-ferrous metals (including lead).

RestoFinish Metal Cleaner is ready to use, no mixing or dilution required. For best results use before and after abrading the surface. Apply RestoFinish Metal Cleaner to a clean cloth and wipe areas to be cleaned. Not allowing surface to dry. With a second dry clean cloth, immediately wipe area until dry to remove contaminants. Change and dispose of cloths as required. Sand or abrade the surface as required to remove all residues, traces of corrosion, existing coatings. Ensure correct surface profile for future coatings. (If surface rust is, or may be present, use RestoFinish RusGo as per TDS ) Repeat the cleaning procedure using the two-cloth technique as above. The process may have to be repeated several times to remove stubborn contaminants and debris. Ensure surface is clean and dry before coating.

Metal Cleaner TDS

RestoFinish Metal Cleaner SDS

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