LOCTITE® LB ML-11 is a light, semi-drying aerosol spray lubricant that penetrates, lubricates, displaces water, cleans surfaces and provides protection to metal surfaces by preventing corrosion.

It is suitable for use at temperatures between +41 °F to +95 °F (+5 °C to +35 °C).

  • Penetrant: infiltrates rusted and corroded assemblies.
  • Moisture Displacement: low surface tension (23.4 dynes/cm) allows LOCTITE LB ML-11 to provide a protective barrier between moisture and the metal surface.
  • Lubricant: it provides superior lubrication even under extreme pressure – resists wear.
  • Rust Preventative: protects steel surfaces against salt corrosion and rust in high humidity conditions (85 days at 100% relative humidity).
  • Cleaner: cleans and degreases light soil from surface plates, chucks, wire and other machined or polished metal surfaces

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