The flattest finish without compromising ease of use! Linear Blocking Tools were designed and made in America by Colten Davidson. His dedication lead to the creation of the Linear Blocking tools backbone, the “vertebrate” design.
This design allows you to not only flex the blocks maintaining a constant shape, but also maintain constant, even pressure throughout the sanding surface. The new Linear Blocking Tools have all the bases covered, from Rigid to Ultra flex! The blocks are all CNC cut, CNC routered, solvent welded, chemically resistant and virtually indestructible! 

The 15 block Master Set includes all of the Linear Blocking Tools popular sanding blocks.

  • 8″, 12″,18″,24″ and 32″ lengths.
  • Each length comes in 3 blocks, Rigid, Flex and Ultra Flex.
  • High strength and flexibility Polycarbonate blocks.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Available in stick it (PSA) applications.

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