Designed by paint technicians for paint technicians, Lihtan’s R2 one stop curing system with the latest in high-intensity  UV-A LED’s provide more curing power and are safer than traditional Mercury lamps.
Lihtan’s ground breaking modular design allows you to upgrade from the standard R2 unit to an R3, R4, or R6 unit to increase the size of your curing area.
Requiring no warm up time the unit powers up to maximum curing intensity, instantly.
Manufactured for all current supply voltages and frequencies, it features low power consumption.
Built in distance sensor removes the hassle of manually measuring the position of your work and ensures you get the highest curing intensity every time.
Comes with built in UV block out shade and work table.

  • Power Voltage (V): 110VAC or 220VAC Single phase 1.5amps
  • Electrical Power (W): 100W (50W per Cassette)
  • Total LED power (W): 70W (35W per cassette)
  • Curing Area (mm) 500mm x 650mm
  • Emiting Zone: 500mm x 400mm
  • Average Irradiance: 14 mW/cm²
  • Peak Irradiance: 17 mW/cm²
  • LED UVA nm: 395nm UVA
  • LED expected lifespan (hr): Plus 30,000 hours
  • Control: Advanced multifunctional digital control system

Handheld Unit

  • Power supply: Direct power supply from main control board
  • Curing area (mm): 350mm x 350mm
  • Power cable (mtr): extendable 6 Mtr cable
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