Eastwood’s High Temperature Internal Exhaust Coating is formulated with specialized ceramic components and a tightly controlled particle sized aluminium pigment blend.

Once parts are coated and exposed to high exhaust temperatures, the coating converts to a hard, tough, and impermeable ceramic barrier that protects and enhances the function of the system. The coating creates a smoother internal surface that reduces gas friction and creates a generally consistent gas flow through the system. Since the coating is designed to conduct less heat than the uncoated steel components, the coating reduces the heat transfer and heat build up at the coating surface and decreases heat build up and hot spots.

Its 1800℉ / 982℃ thermal coating properties will extend the life exhaust system components by preventing rust and corrosion build up from the inside out and the Eastwood exclusive 2 foot long 360° aerosol extension nozzle makes applying the coating a snap. Works with both new and used exhaust systems.

Not for use with turbo or supercharger systems.

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