The Eastwood Golden CAD Kit allows you to easily replicate the look of Golden CAD plating on your parts and hardware.

Add a can of Eastwood Diamond Clear Gloss DTM and Painted Surfaces 312grams Aerosol to complete the job.

  • Easy to use 3-step kit
  • Works on many components
  • Economical
  • Replicates the look of Golden CAD plating

Lay down the golden base and then use the red and green to lightly tint the part.

This achieves the perfect “new” look for brake boosters, calliper brackets, striker plates and more.

You spend so much time and money on performance components and paint, this is an easy way to cover the smallest details and make your project complete.

The complete kit includes one 12oz can of golden tin, one 3.5oz can of red tint and one 3.5oz can of green tint.

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