Based on the nanotechnology, this paste can polish not only very fast from coarse to very fine, but it also brings back the gloss degree of 95%. An additional advantage is that this paste stays “wet” for a long-time and minimises the risk on dry powder rests. This polish paste can be used on old paints and fresh paints, also on all 2K products and the newest generation of ceramic paints.

Can be used for different applications: removing dust, polishing spray zones, polishing contamination after sanding, bringing back gloss on old, mat paints, refurbishing headlights.

The polishing paste POL 10 can be combined with all kind of polishing machines, but we recommend to use the POL 55: this 800W robust Finixa polishing machine can be adjusted continuously from 700 to 2500 rpm and is fitted with a unique flexible support for the foam following the contours of the surface that need to be polished. If necessary you can polish eccentrically with this machine (placing the black foam pad eccentrically on the support pad makes getting rid of holograms an easy job) or you can use only the side of the foam to create a ”blending” effect.

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