The Final Block range is designed to achieve a perfect paint finish. Whether it is the final sand before paint application or sanding clear coats, in preparation for polishing!

The Final Block’s are ideally suited from 600 grit upwards. From de-nibbing, spot repairs to complete vehicle refinishing and detailing, they work best with finer grit papers.

The 7 pieces of varying densities allow paint correction for a range of surface shapes and grit levels. These multi facet Final Block’s have the autobody technician and detailer in mind. The Final Block’s allow sanding of details with ease, while maintaining a full cutting surface.

  • Hard “Glass” Block (Clear) – ideal for initial sanding to eliminate peel on both primer and clears on large near flat surfaces. Ideal grit range is 600-800.
  • Firm Block (Black) – best suited on slightly curved surfaces, both convex and concave in initial cutting stages. Ideal grit range is 600-1200.
  • Medium Block (Red) – density is perfect for intermediate use on all surfaces and chasing grit marks from previous sanding processes. Ideal grit range is 1200-2000.
  • Soft Block (White) – the finisher on all surface shapes, designed for final sanding before jumping to orbital sanders. The ideal grit range is 2000 plus.

Kit Contents:

  • 2 x Soft Block
  • 2 x Medium Block
  • 2 x Firm Block
  • 1 x Glass Block
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