Ecodry Light is a revolutionary design in air drying equipment and is made of insulating antistatic thermoplastic material for lightweight and heatproof work.

  • Adjustable choke/air spread with a simple twist of the front anodised nozzle.
  • Removable filter, held in place with a large unbreakable Hi-Vis rubber ring.


The ECODRY Light is an efficient and easy to use water-based paint drying gun that by exploiting the Venturi system, increases the emitted air volume by about 15 times, thus significantly reducing drying times. The enormous generated volume of air, along with heat taken from the paint booth (20% mains air, 80% recycled air), allows for the fast evaporation of water residue.

  • Body: Nylon
  • Blow distance: 40-50cm from surface
  • Blowing time: Follow instructions provided by the paint manufacturer
  • Air regulation: Equiped with air inlet air flow regulator and adjustable fan choke
  • Filter: removable stainless steel mesh filter for easy cleaning that is held in place with an unbreakable rubber ring
  • Weight: 309g
  • Working pressure: 0.5 – 2.0 bar
  • Air consumption: 200 – 300 l/min

IMPORTANT: always work with perfectly filtered air to avoid the infiltration of impurities that could compromise finish quality.

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