What Does the Colour of Your Car Say About You?

Monday 05 March 2018

Thinking about updating your car’s paint job? It turns out the colour you choose might actually say a lot more than just what type of cars you’re into – it can also offer a unique insight into your personality.
Want to know which colour is best suited to your personality? Check out our list below!


Starting with one of the more popular car colours – black! A symbol of power, class and elegance, people who are drawn to black are not easily manipulated. They love the classic shade and the elegance that comes with it, as well as that sense of empowerment that it speaks to.


According to colour psychologists, people with white cars are harder to please as they like things to be pure, pristine and clear. You can’t hide anything with a white car, which is why fastidious people are drawn to it.


Silver tends to carry rather cool, futuristic connotations with it. However, it’s also linked to a sense of elegance and prestige that comes with just a dash of preciousness. Colours that are metallic – like silver and gold – also generate a sense of value, as these hues are typically associated with wealth and prestigious awards. People who are drawn to silver cars are thought to be appreciative of elegance and like a little extra ‘flash’.


Red can fall under two categories when it comes to cars: vibrant and deep bluish reds (wine or maroon).

The personalities of people who opt for a red car are considered to be bolder. They’re people who like to stand-out and draw attention to themselves. There’s a dynamic quality, a sense of high-energy and also a certain level of sensuality. Plus, red cars come with an impression of recklessness, which is why many people claim red cars are more expensive to insure (even though they’re not).

When it comes to subtler shades of red, like maroon, these people still exhibit the above traits but aren’t quite as outgoing about it. You might still want to stand-out while driving your car, but don’t necessarily want to scream it from the rooftops.


Regardless of the shade, drivers in blue cars are considered to be trustworthy and calm. Those attracted to the colour blue are also considered to be faithful, and if it’s a darker shade it can come with a sense of credibility and authority (like police blue).


You don’t see a whole heap of orange cars around, which is why we associate them with unique, artistic individuals.


Yellow is associated with a few different things, the most common being safety and happiness. When it comes to yellow cars, it’s believed people who have a sunny disposition are drawn to them. People with yellow cars usually know they will be noticed in it, so they aren’t shy but they also aren’t boastful. Yellow can also be associated with a good sense of humour.


Green is the most well-balanced colour in nature, and so people who drive a green car are usually thought to lead a well-balanced life. Green cars also elicit a sense of trust. The deeper the green, the trustworthier it seems.

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