Tuesday 29 November 2016

Quite often when you try to cut corners on auto painting jobs the quality of the finished product suffers. Whilst some auto painting flaws are obvious, others are much more subtle. If you know what to look for, its much easier to identify quality workmanship… which is why Bodyshop Paint Supplies Bayswater have provided the following tips to help you confirm the quality of your car paint job.

  • Sags/Runs – the most common type of car painting errors… dried drips and waves in your paint are a sign of poor spraying technique, poor conditions when spraying or even as simple as signs the painter has a heavy hand! These are accentuated by shadowing under the paint sags/runs when light is shone from above. Depending on the severity and where the runs are on the panel, usually these can be corrected/removed by an experienced spraypainter by simply blocking out and buffing the paint back up.
  • Over Spray – this is when remnants of paint ‘over spray’ are evident in places they shouldn’t be, or even worse, all over the entirety of your vehicle. This occurs when the car has been poorly masked up for spot repair, or even not masked up at all!! Again, like the paint sag issue, this too can be corrected most of the time. Old school overspray clay bars or the newer version overspray mitts and cleaners are available for this. We can give you all the guidance you need in store.
  • Improper Substrate Repair – inconsistent textures or orange peeling in the pant job may be an indication that repairs done underneath the paint were not don’t correctly or finished with the correct grade of sand paper prior to painting.
  • Bleaching – stains will often show or ‘bleed’ through the finished paint coat over time if the area underneath the surface repaired using incorrectly mixed body fillers. This can appear in either a white bleach like stain from under hardening the body filler, or even shades of pink from excess filler hardener being used.
  • Colour Issues – colour mismatches, blotching(mottle) or uneven tones are evidence of poorly mixed and colour matched paint , uneven application, or improper priming of the surface prior to painting.

If you notice any of these signs on your auto paint surface… contact Bodyshop Paint Supplies today, and talk to the experts about how to get the highest quality finish with your car paint, and also how to fix it when issues occur! Or visit our new Super Store at 55 Scoresby Road, Bayswater.