Paint prep: how to remove your trim

Monday 06 March 2017

To make sure you reach all of the nooks and crannies when you’re painting your car, you will need to dismantle parts of your vehicle first. Pulling your car apart may seem like a daunting task, however, with these simple steps, you’ll quickly find it’s an easy, hassle-free process that will come with countless long-term benefits.

Step one:

Remove the mirrors. The best way to get a meticulous finish on your mirrors is to custom paint them. To do this, simply sand them back, apply a primer, and then paint them.

Step two:

When doing a complete paint job, you should also remove the moulding, especially the weather strips around the windows. When you’re sanding the vehicle back, cover their empty spot with tape, so once you’re done, you simply remove the tape and pop the moulding back in – good as new! If you want them to look as fresh as your car’s rejuvenated paint job, slap on a little lacquer thinner and wipe them clean.

Step three:

Removing the windows and windshield is optional, however, if you’re not confident it could be best to get a professional in to remove the glass from your car, and then reinstall it when you’re finished painting.

Step four:

Detach the windscreen wipers. When you’re ready to put these back in, you’ll need to put the left and right windscreen wipers back in the correct spot, so mark which is which with masking tape when you first take them out.

Step five:

Remove, or tape around your lights. Trying to clean car paint off your lights can be a difficult and tedious job. To make sure they stay clean during the painting process, you can either remove them, or protect them with tape.

How can you tell what should be removed and what should stay when you’re painting a car?

At the end of the day, it’s entirely up to you what you choose to keep in place and what you take off. If you want a flawless paint job, remove as much as you can, allowing you’re confident you can re-attach it when you’re finished. If precision isn’t too important, you can remove less. Just remember, if you choose to keep parts of your trim on, invest in some tape, to ensure you’re not damaging any of your car’s parts. If you’re after a flawless, professional looking paint job on your car, you’ll need the best products the industry has to offer! Before you prep your car to be painted, come in and visit the team at Body Shop Paint Supplies, your one-stop car paint shop located in Bayswater, Victoria.