Essential Tips for Detailing Your Car

    There’s a lot more to detailing your car than simply giving it a quick wash with any old soap and slapping on some car wax. To keep your car’s paint job in tip-top shape, and to make sure its exterior is looking fine, follow these handy DIY detailing tips. What Condition is Your Read More


Everything You Need to Know About Paint Protection

So, you’ve just had your car re-painted and the results are nothing short of spectacular – but are you worried that the brilliant shine and radiant colour you’ve fallen in love with might fade over time? Well, sadly, most car paints probably will deteriorate with age, especially when they’re exposed to sunlight (the UV rays Read More


Paint prep: how to remove your trim

To make sure you reach all of the nooks and crannies when you’re painting your car, you will need to dismantle parts of your vehicle first. Pulling your car apart may seem like a daunting task, however, with these simple steps, you’ll quickly find it’s an easy, hassle-free process that will come with countless long-term Read More

car paints that are environmentally friendly

Eco-friendly paints for your car

As people become more environmentally conscious, manufacturers are starting to come up with new and inventive ways to make car paints more eco-friendly. Water-based paints are a fantastic automotive product as they contain less harmful solvents and more water, without impacting the overall quality or staying power of your paint job. What are water-based car Read More


Common Car Paint Destroyers to Avoid!

Quite often damages to your paint job can be unavoidable, especially if you’re driving your car everyday. Scratches, dings, and exposure to the elements are all a part of life… but having said that, there are a number of common car paint killers that can potentially be avoided! We’ve listed a few common car paint Read More



Quite often when you try to cut corners on auto painting jobs the quality of the finished product suffers. Whilst some auto painting flaws are obvious, others are much more subtle. If you know what to look for, its much easier to identify quality workmanship… which is why Bodyshop Paint Supplies Bayswater have provided the Read More



When it comes to preparing the bare metal surface of your car for paint, choosing etch primer or epoxy primer can be a paint-point that delays your progress. Google it, and you’re sure to be overwhelmed by divided opinions, citing technical information, personal experiences and subjective opinion… But the truth of the matter is, both Read More


Car Rust Repair

Rust is the natural enemy of the car, and the most dreaded word in the auto body restoration industry. However, it is treatable. Short of major car rust removal techniques involving cutting out and replacing large sections of car panelling – there are other options for treating rust on cars that you can do from Read More


Essential Steps To Follow When Preparing A Car’s Surface For Painting

It is a known fact for car owners that a car’s well-polished paint can add to its market and overall value. Aside from that, car colours can be associated with the personality and lifestyle of its owner. For these reasons, painting or repainting a car should be done perfectly without a trace of error. As Read More

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FAQ’s: Automotive Painting and Car Restoration

Q. What is the correct sand paper grit that should be used when preparing for Acrylic paints, two pack solid colours and two pack clear over base? When preparing bodywork for top coating of Acrylic Paint, two pack solid colours and two pack clear over base paints, it is extremely important to use the correct Read More