No More searching for needed supplies. No More ordering when you cant find them. No More costly inventory and waste…

  • Rolls right into the centre of the of the work area for greater efficiency
  • Keeps supplies handy and techs on the job
  • Material and supplies in full view from any angle
  • Rugged, stands up to tough use
  • Facilities easy to-to-use barcode inventory system; tags provided
  • Enables repair and process controls for consistent quality, time after time


1 x Trash Can and Holder
4 x Single Hook
2 x Double Hooks
1 x Roll Paper Holder
1 x 4×17 Basket
1 x 5×17 Basket
3 x 7×17 Basket
1 x Aerosol Basket
1 x Glove Box Holder
1 x Spray Gun Holder
1 x Large Box Mount
40 x No Code Barcode Tag Holder

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