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Achieve a Professional Spray Paint Job At Home!

Prep is Key There is a rather big misconception that spraying your car is a one-step job. You may think that spraying the car is the most important aspect but that is not true. Professionals will tell you that prep is the most important aspect to any at home spray job. You should take time Read More


How to Protect Your Car’s Paint Job

There’s nothing better than that new car look, and while expertly washing and polishing your car might sound like a lot of effort, simple car maintenance is easier, and more effective than you might think. Plus, by looking after your car’s paint job, you’ll be ensuring your car maintains that coveted new car look well Read More


What Does the Colour of Your Car Say About You?

Thinking about updating your car’s paint job? It turns out the colour you choose might actually say a lot more than just what type of cars you’re into – it can also offer a unique insight into your personality. Want to know which colour is best suited to your personality? Check out our list below! Read More


Every Car Show You Need to Know About in 2018

The 2018 car show circuit is shaping up to be a good one, and although not every event has been announced yet, there are a few not to be missed ones coming up in the first half of the New Year. We’ve got the details here! MotorEx Melbourne 2018 As one of Australia’s biggest, most Read More


What Products Should You Use for a Car Restoration?

Much like humans, cars aren’t immune to the visible signs of ageing. However, unlike us, steps can be taken to restore a car to its original grandeur. At Bodyshop Paint Supplies, we stock all of the best possible products that will help make your car restoration project as seamless as possible. Headlight Restoration Kits A Read More


The Perfect Christmas Gifts for a Car Enthusiast

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your gearhead mate? Or maybe you’ve decided your car needs a fresh coat of paint so you’re going to treat yourself to a pre-Christmas present. Whatever your reasoning, you’ve come to the right place.     After purchasing a gift from Bodyshop Paint Supplies Bayswater, you’ll Read More


What is a Car Spray Booth?

If your car’s paint job has faded, has chips or even scratches; the words DIY spray booth hire will be just what the car doctor ordered.       Getting your car professionally painted can be expensive, but painting your car DIY-style in your backyard isn’t necessarily the best option either. This is because spray Read More


Fact Vs. Fiction: Car Paint and Detailing Myths Debunked

Have you ever noticed how much conflicting information there is on the Internet about what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes time to having your car painted or detailed?   Sadly, not all of the advice out there is accurate. To help you sift through what’s fact and what’s fiction, we debunk some Read More


The Most Unique car Paint Jobs of All Time

Have you ever wondered what the weirdest and wackiest car paint jobs out there are? Well, we take a step through time to look at some of the most unique car paint jobs from both the past and present.   John Lennon’s Rolls-Royce Phantom V   This quirky paint job was executed by none other Read More


How Important is Colour Matching When Painting Your Car?

        The short answer is that it’s extremely important. You might have scratched your car and just want to do a quick touch-up job, or maybe you’ve had your bumper bar replaced and need to get it re-painted. But, what colour is your car? It might look black, but is the specific Read More



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